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​Undertaking FAQ

Do I need to open a specific bank account to receive payment from the Fund?​

If you already have a savings, transmission or cheque account you do not have to open another account.

If you cannot afford a bank account you can furnish the Fund with written authorization to make payment into another person’s bank account on condition that the person also provides his written agreement that the money can be paid into his account. The bank indemnity form is still required with his details.


Will the undertaking cover the costs if I was injured whilst in the course of my employment and have lodged a claim in terms of the relevant Workmen's Compensation legislation with which I have been successful?

When specifically excluded in the undertaking , the undertaking does not cover the costs of any compensation to which you would be entitled in terms of the provisions of the Workmen's Compensation legislation, the Defence Force Act, 1957, (Act No 44 of 1957), or another Act of Parliament governing the said Force. 


Will the Road Accident Fund pay for costs which my medical aid has paid and/or part paid?

Yes, you can furnish authorization to the Fund to make payment of the costs directly to you medical aid or you can arrange with your medical to pay them back once the Fund has made payment to you.


Does the apportionment of negligence apply to the claim?

Yes, If for example you were 20% to blame for the accident, the Fund will reduce your claims with 20% and pay you or the service provider 80% of the assessed costs you incurred. If this situation applies to your case, we would like to urge you to plan ahead, before incurring any particular costs, so as to ensure that you will be able to pay for your own share of the costs from your own money, as the Fund will only reimburse you to the extent of its share. 

Can the Fund assist me if I cannot afford to pay my share but requires treatment?​​

Yes, on receipt of a written request from you the Fund may subject to its internal policies quantify the estimated future medical costs that you might require. Once the Fund and you have reached an agreement on the future amount the Fund can reimburse you or the service provider for 100% of the costs incurred up to the agreed amount that will be reflected in the revised Undertaking document. 

How long does it take the Fund to process my claims? 

The Road Accident Fund must be offered a reasonable period of time in which to assess its liability in respect of the claims lodged, enter the claims into the relevant computer system, perform the necessary enquiries, and thereafter arrange for Electronic Funds Transfer directly into your, or other nominated bank account. 

You will be advised by way of a letter which claims have been admitted, how the amount of money paid into the bank account was made up, which claims require further explanation and which claims have been rejected as not being accident related or a claim in terms of the Undertaking.

How do I know if I will get my money back if I pay first?​ 

Once you have specified quotations to contact the Undertakings Department by correspondence or per telephone, to find out whether the Fund regards the costs as both accident related and reasonable, and how much the Road Accident Fund will reimburse you, before you decide to incur said costs. 

Do I have to pay the account first, before I may claim a reimbursement from the Fund?

No, all that is required is that you must have incurred the obligation to pay the service provider. This means that a binding contract must have been concluded between yourself and the service provider. A quotation is therefore not sufficient proof that the costs have been incurred. 

My supplier is not prepared to let me have expensive/pricey goods/services before it is paid up front.I do not have the money to first pay and the claim from the Fund.How can the Fund assist me?

The Fund is prepared to pre-authorise any treatment that you might require. The Fund is prepared to pay doctors and hospitals directly, including often giving a deposit in advance of the treatment. This would also assist you as you will have full knowledge, in advance ,of precisely what the Fund is covering. Any payment made by the Fund will not exceed the amount that would have in normal circumstances been paid to you.