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​Fraud​ Awareness

A substantial number of fraudulent claims are submitted to the RAF; leading to time and money spent on undeserving claims received from legitimate claimants.

In an effort to combat fraud the Road Accident Fund has reviewed its internal processes, enabling us to identify potentially fraudulent claims and preventing perpetrators from committing fraudulent against the RAF.


0800 00 5919

However, we still need your help in combating this scourge.

Fraudulent acts / irregular behavior / corruption include the following:

  • Claim against RAF if one has not been involved in an accident
    Claim if one was not injured in an accident
    To be added as a passenger to an accident
    To inflate the quantum of a claim to benefit from same
    To receive any compensation, gifts etc.
    of whatever nature as a result of acts committed by yourself .


Please assist the RAF in reporting suspicious RAF related activities. Please contact our toll free number. Remember that you may remain anonymous.


FRAUD HOTLINE: Toll free Call Tip–offs (Anonymous) – 0800 00 5919

This is administered by an independent company outside RAF. Remember you stay anonymous, it is guaranteed that whistle blowers will be protected. 
At Forensic Investigations Head Office we guarantee that information given will be dealt with anonymously – if so requested.

Further – we (Forensic Investigations Department) are now represented in all 9 provinces with extended investigation capacity.