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​​Road Safety FAQ

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) is well aware that road traffic injuries are a global problem affecting all sectors of society. It also subscribes to the notion that road traffic injuries are a growing public health issue, which disproportionately affects vulnerable groups of road users, including the poor.

The greater the number of accidents on South African roads, the greater the liability incurred by the RAF. The RAF, therefore, has a strategic business interest in working together with other stakeholders to prevent the occurrence of road accidents.​​

​​Road Safety FAQs

The following steps must be taken subsequent to an accident:

  • Report accident to SAPS immediately
  • Report accident to RAF
  • If the matter is not being investigated by SAPS, attempt to obtain statements from witnesses ASAP
  • Attempt to take photographs of the accident scene as the scene may change
  • Attempt to take photographs of the damage to the vehicles and of injuries eg. abrasions, severe bruising, cosmetic disfigurement
  • Draw sketch plan of scene and make sure that it contains a fixed point so that it can easily be traced
  • Make sure that the treating doctor records the visit and gives a detailed account of injuries and treatment
  • Take photographs of vehicles end position as well as road markings, if any.
  • Full names,

  • ID numbers,

  • Addresses (work and home),

  • Telephone numbers (work and home)

  • Vehicle registration numbers

of all drivers, passengers and witnesses 
You will also need to record the following:

  • Descriptions of vehicles and drivers

  • Details of police officials, traffic officials and ambulance officials

  • Details of tow truck personnel​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​