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It is a contract between an accident victim and the Road Accident Fund where the RAF pays back incurred medical expenses in accordance with the applicable legislation, due to the injuries sustained in the motor vehicle accident.

All administration of undertakings is done from this point with the assistance of the Case Managers who are situated at the Regional branch offices and also at various Satellite offices.

Where is Undertakings department situated? 

Undertaking Contact Details  

Post Claims Settlement Contacts 

Time period to submit a claim 

All claims in terms of the undertaking must be submitted within 3 years from the date which the service were rendered (This does not apply to a minor, or a person under Curatorship).In respect of claims arising on or after 1 August 2008, all claims must be submitted within 5 years from the date which the services were rendered.

Who is entitled to submit a claim in terms of the Undertaking?

The claimant or a representative and/or the supplier can submit claims in terms of the undertaking.  In the event of the supplier, written request is required before the assessed liability can be reimbursed. 

What can you claim in terms of the undertaking?


Any reasonable costs which are necessary and as the result of the injuries sustained in the accident for which the undertaking was issued.  

Treatment or service rendered that is excessive, experimental or unproven will not be considered.  

The undertaking will not cover costs for any non motor vehicle accident related illness, disease or injuries. 

How is the claim submitted?

No specific form needs to be completed.

All accounts (tax invoices), must be fully specified.  This means that the account must indicate exactly what service/treatment has been received. It must also reflect the date of the service or treatment, as well as the name and physical address of the service provider. It is not enough to only submit a receipt as proof that you have incurred an expense. 

Check the contents of each account, which intended for submission as a claim.
Make sure that the goods/service reflected in the account has been received.               
If satisfied, sign each account, that is been submitted to the Fund for reimbursement. 

Write the Road Accident Fund claim reference number and/or Link number as
quoted in the undertaking document, clearly on each claim. 

Post claims, together with any receipts as well as all other substantiating documentation, to the following address:

The Chief Executive Officer
Road Accident Fund –
Undertakings Department
38 Ida Street


Always bear in mind that you remain personally liable towards the service provider, and that you have to pay the account rendered by that service provider. In the event that you require the Fund to pay the service provider direct, you must give such authorization in writing.

What documents must be submitted with the claim?

This will depend on the type of the claim which is submitted as indicated below:

  1. A tax invoice for medical expenses.

  2. A Service contract, certified copy of the employee’s ID and proof of the costs being incurred for a domestic worker, caregiver and/or gardener

  3. Details of the vehicle that is being used to transport the injured including the Name of the owner and driver, purchase price of the vehicle, type, make and model of the vehicle, Distance traveled and tax invoice from the service provider.

  4. Proof of the costs of special school fees, transport to and from the school and hostel fees before the accident together with the current costs (Tax invoice)

  5. Approved building plans of the house before the accident, photos of the areas which need to be altered and at least 2 fully specified reasonable quotes for the proposed building costs.


For any other claims, please contact the Fund for more information Call Centre 0860 23 55 23. 

If it is the first time that you are claiming the bank indemnity form must be completed by yourself, and taken to the bank to verify the bank account detail. The original form must be returned to the Funds offices as indicated on the form.