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The Road Accident Fund's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integration of social, environmental and economic contribution towards our society. Our CSR strategy is aligned to the RAF's core business objectives and South African government's socio-economic and development priorities. Our CSR describes the broader solution to triple - bottom line of profit, people and planet.

As a proud and responsible corporate citizen, our programmes seek to enforce a sustainable contribution and meaningful participation for all designated vulnerable groups. However, we are biased towards organisations that compliment RAF’s mandate – by supporting initiatives that contribute towards the rehabilitation process of road accident victims.

We consider applications from Non Profit Organisations registered with the Department of Social Development, Schools for Learners with Special Needs and Public Hospitals in line with each Department’s sponsorship and donation policy.  All Initiatives should be within the socio-economic transformation and BBBEE agenda.

The CSR initiatives are channelled towards five (5) focus areas, namely:

•Health/Post Crash Care

•Poverty Alleviation

•Skills Development

•Strategic Interventions

•Employee Volunteerism Program


Applications can be submitted for any of the above focus areas anytime between April and December. Proposals to include organisational background, purpose and objective of funding, intended developmental impact, number of beneficiaries and a detailed budget break-down which excludes operational costs.

All qualifying proposals are submitted to the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee for adjudication.

The following activities/initiatives are excluded from RAF CSR funding:

•Any projects implemented to support or endorse any specific religious doctrine;

•Any projects implemented to support or endorse any specific political party;

•Any projects directly benefiting RAF employees and Board members; and

•Any projects directly benefiting an individual.


Qualifying organisations can apply for grant funding by submitting applications to: or by post to: The CSR Manager: Eco glades 2, 420 Witch-hazel Ave, Private Bag X178, Centurion, 0046.

For all CSR enquiries: Please contact the Corporate Social Responsibility Unit at 012 621 1671.

N.B. Due to the large number of requests and proposals, communication will be limited to shortlisted organisations only.