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The Patient outreach further has a responsibility of functioning to optimal level

Target group

  • Paraplegia,quadraplegia or wheelchair-bound persons

  • Persons utilizing attendant services

  • Person utilizing prostheses

  • Person with Brain injuries

  • Person who are institutionalized

  • Person who use ongoing medicaations or supplies on a regular basis

Aim is to:

  • equip 'Disabled' clients with skills e.g. driving skills and IT skills;

  • facilitate occupational therapy e.g. return to work programs;

  • empower  clients with post traumatic vcational guidance;

  • cousel clients during emotional trauma (memory book program);

  • improved clients health and quality of life by procuring assertive devices for clients;

  • control clients medical conditions by facilitating drug utilization review;

  • curb medical complications by providing insight in medical conditions;

  • improve family & client mental health through care givers programs;

  • move patients from state of total dependency to independence with counseling;

  • place children with learning caused by the accident in special schools.