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About the Road Accident Fund (RAF) | ​​Core Values

The following value statements represent the heart of the desired corporate culture to which all in the RAF family owe allegiance to and will measure how well the org​anisation executes its mandate as leadership, staff and service providers (who act on behalf of the RAF):


We will conduct ourselves in a manner that is fair, transparent and ethical, honouring our commitments and communicating honestly.



We care for and support our customers. We care for and support each other.



We will account for our activities/actions; accept responsibility for them; and disclose in a transparent manner.


We will treat our stakeholders impartially and with respect, recognising our responsibility to them.


In the perf​ormance of our duties, we will consistently apply our knowledge, experience and best effort to deliver relevant and professional service of an exceptional standard.​​​



We will demonstrate the ability to understand and share the emotions, ideas, challenges, experiences, and perspectives of both our internal and external clients and stakeholders.​​


 Strategic Outcomes

  • • A Transformed and Sustainable RAF
  • • System Modernisation
  • • Improved Governance and Strengthened Control Environment and
  • • Improved Service Delivery.​​​​​


Our Vision

An equitable and sustainable compensation system for motor vehicle accident victims.​

Our Mission

To provide appropriate benefits to all qualifying road users within the borders of South Africa and to support the safe use of our roads.​​​​​​​