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Customer Service Network (CSN) is a concept of the Road Accident which is aimed at accelerating, inter alia, delivery of the Road Accident Fund mandate through a central coordination of all customer touch-points in all provinces and to create a wider geographical reach and physical presence for our customers.

Currently CSN increased its geographical footprint to a total number to 75 Customer Service Centre's countrywide.

The key focus areas and objectives of the Customer Service Network (CSN) are to:

  • Pro-actively gather road accident facts and customer information to help reduce lag time prior to lodging claims and improve the rate of benefit processing

  • Improving the RAF’s accessibility and visibility to the public

  • Direct and early involvement in rehabilitation of road accident victims

  • Improving  customers and stakeholders’ perception of the RAF

  • To proactively advise and represent victims of road accidents & service providers to the RAF and to actively engage to assist in the rehabilitation of the patient

  • Provide accessibility to RAF products and services and also act as a brand theatre for the Fund

  • Provide greater accessibility to the claimant and the various stakeholders, over extended hours through technology.

  • Provide an administrative and support function for the RAF across all available channels

  • Provide accessibility to communities where RAF does not have physical presence

CSN comprises of various Support Channels (service centre's) which are used to translate the business objectives into tangible outcomes: 

Hospital Service Centre's (HSC)

The RAF through its Hospital Service Centre's provides easy access for road accident victims directly at the hospital and provides claimants with a peace of mind while on the road to recovery.


Key Focus Areas:

  • Advise road accident victim(s) on their rights to appropriate cover

  • Represent the claimant from pre-lodgment through to settlement of claim

  • Assist hospitals with lodgment of supplier’s claim

  • Proactive collect information on behalf of claimants and hospitals

  • Plan the medical and rehabilitation process for seriously injured road accident victims

  • Interface for anyone who wants to interact with the RAF

Community Service Centre's (Walk-In Centre's) 

Key Focus Areas:

  • Educating the public about RAF’s key service offerings (products)

  • Create convenient access  for RAF customers

  • Represent the claimant from pre-lodgment through to settlement of claim

  • Proactive collection information on behalf of claimants and hospitals.

  • Involved in community brand activations

Mobile Customer Service Centre

The RAF Mobile Unit provides assistance where the Fund does not have immediate physical presence and in the periphery of the Republic of South Africa. 

Key Focus Areas:

  • Ensure that all victims receive the appropriate support

  • Capture all documents at the scene of the accident

  • Collect and submit information for origination and finalisation of the claims process

  • Provide ongoing support to road accident victims, through direct and early involvement in the rehabilitation of road accident victims