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  1. The claim is lodged on a prescribed statutory claim form (Form 1 is to be used in respect of claims arising prior to 01 August 2008 and RAF 1 from 01 August 2008 onwards) which provides:

    • basic informat​ion on the claimant, the vehicles and parties involved in the collision

    • the date and place of accident

    • the amounts claimed

    • It also contains a medical report by the treating doctor.

  2. The drivers of the vehicles involved in the collision must furnish details of the accident to the RAF on a statutory accident report form (Form 3 is to be used in respect of claims arising prior to 01 August 2008 and RAF 3 from 01 August 2008 onwards) together with information of witnesses which the RAF may request.​​

  3. After downloading the Claim Form:

    Print the form 
    Complete the form 
    Sign the form 
    Serve the form, together with relevant supporting documents, at your nearest RAF regional office, either by hand or registered post

  4. Note that: 
    •  The RAF requires the original form. If you fax the form, the original must also be sent to the RAF 
       The form may not be submitted via e-mail 
      It is your responsibility to ensure that the form reaches the RAF. The RAF can not be held responsible if forms sent by post or a third party do not reach the RAF 
      Keep in mind that a claim must be lodged with the RAF within the stipulated time period  
       See the sections "How is a claim made against the Fund?" and "What documents must be submitted with the Claim Form?" in the FAQ section, before submitting your claim 
       You need to complete the applicable form for submission of your claim.

  5. Download Claim Forms:

    If your accident occurred prior to 1 August 2008 complete the forms in Section A.

    If your accident occurred after the 31 July 2008 complete the forms in Section B. ​​​​​​​​​​​