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​Funeral parlour

Road Accident Fund Funeral Programme 

At a time of great emotional pain and suffering, the RAF extends a consoling arm to the bereaved through its funeral programme. The programme began in 2014 in order to take a more proactive approach to supporting families faced with the financial burden brought about by the death of a loved one during an untimely accident. Individual have three years to submit their claim for funeral expenses.

Reasons for panel's procurement

The previous system was open to abuse. A lack of a service level agreement with funeral parlours also meant standards could not be enforced and several instances were reported of sub-standard services being provided. Another drawback of the lack of a service level agreement was that the RAF had no certainty over the cost of these funerals. The formalisation of a relationship through a tender between the RAF and funeral parlours has ensured these issues have been addressed.

Through this arrangement, the RAF does not intend undermining any of the local businesses as the choice of the funeral parlour still rests entirely with the deceased's family.

Funeral claims process

A total of 24 funeral parlours have been appointed and between them, they have a presence in all 9 provinces, i.e. in 242 cities, towns or suburbs. 


Should the family accept the RAF panel's services, the cost of the funeral is paid by the RAF appointed panel who submits an invoice for the services rendered. Should the family not accept the Fund's panel service, they may use their own funeral parlour, in which case they must pay the funeral parlour and claim the cost back from the RAF.

The RAF only pays for the following:

  • Transportation of the deceased body;

  • Provision of the coffin or burial shroud;

  • Preparation of the deceased body (including embalming);

  • Storage of the deceased body;

  • Arranging for issuing of a death certificate;

  • Burial or cremation of the deceased body;

  • Hiring of equipment to lower the coffin into the grave; and

  • Grave fees.

The following is excluded:

  • Catering;

  • Flowers;

  • Tombstone;

  • Family transport; and

  • Funeral programs.

 You need to attach the following MANDATORY DOCUMENTS 
        Copy of Birth Certificate/ ID /passport of the deceased. 
        Copy of the ID of the family member claiming for the funeral expenses.

Affidavit attested to by the family member stating how the accident occurred and    stating his/her relationship with the deceased.

          Medical Records if the deceased died in hospital. 
          Death Certificate 
          BI (Body Identification)/ Post Mortem 
          Embalming Certificate (If applicable) 

Copy of OAR (Accident Report) reflecting the names of the deceased – Witness statements Affidavit by the investigating Officer where the name of the deceased does not appear on the OAR

The Invoice from the Parlour must include the following details: 
          Invoice Date 
          Invoice number 
          Name of the deceased
          Stamped by the Parlour 
          Signed by the Director of the Parlour 
          Travelled kilometers must include place of accident and place of burial