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  in c
ase you are involved in 
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  Police Flying Squad - 10111

  Ambulance - 10177

  Cellphone Emergency - 112 (MTN, Vodacom,

  Cell C and 8ta)

  Difficulty with Emergency Services - 1022

Welcome to the road accident fund

Road transportation is a critical element supporting and directly contributing to growth in any economy. Road accidents are, unfortunately, a negative consequence of this economic growth, affecting both economically active members of our society and other citizens. Free markets, and in particular the private sector, do not fully address the impact of road accidents on society and the economy. The Road Accident Fund (RAF) provides a social security safety net to the country and economy by making available compulsory social insurance cover to all users of South African roads.

The RAF provides compulsory cover to all users of South African roads, citizens and foreigners, against injuries sustained or death arising from accidents involving motor vehicles within the borders of South Africa. This cover is in the form of indemnity insurance to persons who cause the accident, as well as personal injury and death insurance to victims of motor vehicle accidents and their families.​


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 Road Accident Fund Services

Patient Outreach Program 


The case management of the road accident victim within the Road Accident Fund. 

RAF Claims 


​​Need help with Claim information? RAF takes you through how to claim, who can claim and the process involved.
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Visit our photo gallery to see some of the work that the Road Accident Fund has been involved in over the years.


 Latest News


On behalf of the Board of the Road Accident Fund (RAF), it is with regret that I announce the departure of Chief Executive Officer, Dr Eugene Watson, at the end of June 2017.
While Dr Watson’s five-year term is drawing to a close, his legacy will reverberate for years to come, as he has been pivotal in changing the trajectory of the organisation for the better. .


The Road Accident Fund’s (RAFs) bank account attachment by Sheriffs of the Court have been lifted and payments to claimants, service providers, stakeholders and caregivers have resumed. The attachment obstructed payments to the value of approximately R550 million to various stakeholders. . Read More...